• Family Fun Day – Out In The Ruby Mountains

    ruby mountains

    We decided to go and explore the various mountain ranges around Elko Nevada and started with the Ruby Mountains and Lamoille Canyon area. The kiddos loved checking out the creeks running through the valley and tossing some snow at each other ( who doesn’t love chuckin a big ol’ snowball at someone WOOHOO lol ). [Read More…]

  • How To Find Gold, Jewelry and Money In Your Own Backyard


    When I first got the “gold bug” and decided to join a gold prospecting organization, my excitement level was HIGH to say the least. I wanted to go to as many gold mines and find ounces and ounces of gold and strike it rich like the old prospectors did in the good ol’ days.

    Now with all this new found excitement came the realization that getting myself and the family to various gold claims wasn’t going to be easy OR cheap for that matter. As I researched more and more I came to the conclusion that there is another method that I could try and still find treasures AND best of all in my own backyard. [Read More…]

  • Choosing The Best Bug Out Properties and Land To Buy

    Bug Out Properties For Sale

    There are many suggestions when it comes to finding the perfect bug out location. Many times, most will say to locate something close to your current location, properties that are close to water ( or have water on the land itself ) as well as concealment perks.

    Many properties that are listed as survival retreats will come fully decked out with everything a prepper would want in a SHTF scenario BUT the one thing you should realize is that these types of properties are listed EVERYWHERE online and are not exactly a “secret location” by any stretch of the imagination. [Read More…]

  • Savory Stroganoff from Wise Foods Taste Test


    Tonight was a great night of enjoying some great wise foods. The kids ended up stuffed with their meal and the wonderful wife and I loved the Savory Stroganoff. The meal that I made for us was from a 4 serving package so we have plenty of left overs that we will be eating up for lunch tomorrow. When I saw the 4 servings on the package, I was assuming that would then really mean 2 large bowls but man was I wrong. [Read More…]

  • Pasta Alfredo with Chicken Taste Test and Review from Wise Foods


    Tonight our little family of 4 was sitting around and wondering the ever important question which seems to happen on a daily basis and that question was, ” so what’s for dinner?”. I was looking through the fridge and cupboards and finding a few options but then I looked over and saw my bucket of wise foods. [Read More…]

  • Bitcoin Is A Viable Competing Currency But Has Its Downfalls


    The digital currency buzz is alive and kicking and with good reason. There are many people around the world realizing that having a government in charge of all currency has never and will never be a good thing especially in the long run. The global reserve currency currently is the dollar a.k.a. the federal reserve note. [Read More…]