Choosing The Best Bug Out Properties and Land To Buy

There are many suggestions when it comes to finding the perfect bug out location. Many times, most will say to locate something close to your current location, properties that are close to water ( or have water on the land itself ) as well as concealment perks.

Many properties that are listed as survival retreats will come fully decked out with everything a prepper would want in a SHTF scenario BUT the one thing you should realize is that these types of properties are listed EVERYWHERE online and are not exactly a “secret location” by any stretch of the imagination.

How Much Should I Invest In Bug Out Properties?

While there are some amazing properties listed currently which come with a bunker, underground saferoom, completely off-grid solar/wind generation, they are usually VERY EXPENSIVE and out of the price range for us average preppers. Of course we would all love to own hundreds, if not thousands of acres but why put all your eggs in one basket?

It would make more sense to buy multiple properties ( smaller sized lots ) in various locations around your current area AND in other states that might make more sense to relocate to if and when a SHTF scenario reveals itself. I know there are many who are reading this article who are sitting here saying to him or herself that I can’t afford to pay cash for property right now nor do I have the credit to qualify for anything.

The great news is that there are many properties that you can buy with little down, ZERO credit check and are actually under a couple thousand dollars. These properties only require a small monthly payment ( under $200 a month ) and will allow you to get a couple acres that you can prep yourself.

Where Is The Best Location To Buy A Survival Retreat?

This question has many different potential answers. For myself, when I was looking for locations I wanted land in both a hot and cold location. Having something in a colder climate is perfect because IF an economic collapse appeared, there wouldn’t be that many “zombies” running to the snow and cold but would more than likely run to locations that they feel suite their current wants and needs.

Having land in a warmer climate is also great especially if it is in a location that is assumed to be without water, life, food and very out of the way. Most of the sheeple and zombie like hoards will be flocking to locations that they know have water, food, government aid ( got to love those who think the government will always take care of them ).

If you can afford to get a location in all climates options ( North / South / East / West ) it would be an amazing asset because you can go to the survival location that makes sense for the current situation that presents itself. If it is a down grid scenario, going north or south could make sense as most will flock to the coastal regions in hopes of food, water, power and many other life sustaining needs that most THINK will be there.

I think the best areas to locate in would be in the Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas sections. Having 1 or more bug out locations in these states will allow you to have food, water, less people to deal with and most of these states have decent gun rights and land ownership laws to allow you to stay put and defend yourself if the time arises.

What Would Suggest When It Comes To Selecting The Right Land To Purchase?

I am not here to tell people to buy million dollar retreats but rather thousand dollar retreats and there are a TON of them available right now IF you research online and locate them. Here are a couple options to allow YOU the chance to own your very own land starting TODAY and the initial investment will be less than $500 in most situations WITHOUT needing to qualify for anything when it comes to credit score, bank statements, jobs salaries etc.

If you get a property that is very close to a lake, creek or highly populated city then you must understand that there will be far more foot traffic than a location that is assumed to have zero water, animals for food or a large city for going into town to get rations and other necessities.

What we would suggest is locating an acre in one area, an acre in another and to continue expanding your possible bug out locations so that IF one doesn’t work out you can move to the next and continue rotating as needed or wanted. On eBAY for example, in the real estate section there are plenty of No Qualifying land options that have monthly payments of under $200 and a down payment of less than $300 to get started. You can get into these properties for under a grand AND finally own a piece of property that you can start prepping, burying caches or if anything camp at to familiarize yourself with the area.

Should I Build A Cabin, House or Structure On Our Bug Out Property?

I still believe that having a travel trailer, 5th wheel or similar camper would be a better option versus a stationary house especially on a bug out property. You can move the trailer to various locations on the property or to other locations if the need arises. Having a stationary cabin or retreat will also leave you focused on defending it versus surviving yourself. Being mobile really is the best way to survive and buying a small travel trailer is very inexpensive at this moment and worth the investment.

It is also extremely easy to solar/wind power a travel trailer versus a built house and like mentioned above, you have the ability to move your home when you need to versus hunkering down and defending it.

What Websites Would You Recommend When Locating Property To Buy?

We suggest getting property in Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas. A great website for locating some great land is and best of all they don’t require you to qualify. You simply locate the property you want, make an offer, put a small downpayment down and then pay your monthly payment ( most property is under $130 a month ).

The great thing about the land for sale is that most of it is only a couple thousand and some are actually UNDER a grand to purchase fully.

Yes eBay has many sellers LIKE land4less so don’t forget to look through the real estate section as well as their websites.

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    It is best to get small properties in multiple locations versus one large expensive one.

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