Family Fun Day – Out In The Ruby Mountains

We decided to go and explore the various mountain ranges around Elko Nevada and started with the Ruby Mountains and Lamoille Canyon area. The kiddos loved checking out the creeks running through the valley and tossing some snow at each other ( who doesn’t love chuckin a big ol’ snowball at someone WOOHOO lol ).

What I liked about the area is the fact that it is a quick 30 minute or less drive to get to such a beautiful destination. If you are ever in the elko area of nevada, don’t forget to take the quick drive up the rubies and see some animals, glaciers and everything nature has to offer.

Lamoille CanyonMy Better Half and The Kiddos

There are a ton of different hiking trails further up the mountain that we will be doing once the snow melts a bit more. We drove up most of the road until the last 4 miles where there was snow all over the road and no guard rails to keep a vehicle from falling off the side of a very steep mountain. I decided to NOT risk it so we stopped there, snapped some pictures and walked around to see what sort of wildlife we could spot.

lamoille glacierruby mountains nv

I know there are plenty of big game in the cliffs of these mountains but from where we were at, we were not able to spot any of them but hope to the next time we go up there and get further into the mountains and away from the main road. It is best to bring some sort of protection with you especially when going into areas where mountain lions, coyotes and wolves may be present. I brought a glock for this trip but I would prefer to scare off the animals versus shooting them ( unless I had a tag and supplies needed to take and harvest them fully ).

lamoille creekrubicon in the rubies

We didn’t see any animal tracks in the snow where we were exploring but did see plenty of human tracks that seemed to walk off into no mans land ( that sounds like fun to me and something my son and I will be doing on another weekend ). My daughter is really excited to see some animals especially the sheep and goat that live throughout this area. I hope our next outing will include some wildlife so she can see animals in their own backyard.

Kids Playing In The SnowHiking With My Boy

The Jeep Rubicon did great out there but did get a little squirrely ¬†when we hit the icy snow pack further up the road ( not in 4wd ) but very manageable. I didn’t see any 4wd trails along the drive BUT hope to locate them so I can see what the Jeep can do. This next “Family Fun Day” is going to be in the Independence Mountains which is on the other side of Elko. I know there are 4wd trails up there and with the recent rain and snow, I see the trails being a TON of fun and especially muddy.

Climbing Rocks With My SonLamoille Glaciers

There were a few fish in the creek and we saw a small dock that seems to have been made for children due to its size. I can see this area being a really great spot to gold pan and metal detect so I will make sure to bring my prospecting tools during our next adventure up there. I will need to see if there are any claims in the area so I know which places to avoid as I am not trying to claim jump by any means.

small dockLamoille Church

All in all, it was a great family fun day and left the kids dead tired when we got home which was PERFECT for the Mrs. and I to have a relaxing night while the kids got some much needed rest.


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  1. Roxanne /

    Great article and pictures

    1. shelfsufficient / Post Author

      Yes indeedee (-;

      Our next adventure might be in the independence mountains OR a ghost town I just read about online that is less than an hour away. Once I get a new video camera ( gopro ) there will be some great videos posted up here for everyone to check out as well.

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