How To Find Gold, Jewelry and Money In Your Own Backyard

When I first got the “gold bug” and decided to join a gold prospecting organization, my excitement level was HIGH to say the least. I wanted to go to as many gold mines and find ounces and ounces of gold and strike it rich like the old prospectors did in the good ol’ days.

Now with all this new found excitement came the realization that getting myself and the family to various gold claims wasn’t going to be easy OR cheap for that matter. As I researched more and more I came to the conclusion that there is another method that I could try and still find treasures AND best of all in my own backyard.

Where To Get A Quality Metal Detector Without Breaking The Bank?

I researched online and located a great metal detector that would help me with my newbie learning curve but would be professional enough to actually locate items of real value ( like rings, old coins and the like ). The one metal detector that kept popping up in my search was the garrett ace 350 metal detector.



Here is the Ace 350 above which you can check prices on by clicking the image above. The great part about getting the package version is that it comes with everything a new and even seasoned prospector might need while in the field.

Can You Actually Get Rich Metal Detecting?

When my detector arrived the first thing I did was went into my backyard and started digging holes. The one thing I learned real fast is that there are more pennies, nickels and dimes under just 2 inches of dirt or grass practically ANYWHERE in the city. I realized this after I found almost a dollar in change just from scanning bits and pieces of my backyard. The other thing I learned was how to dig a hole in grass so it can be placed back without it looking like it was ever removed ( this is important especially if you decide to go to parks or other public areas, remember to leave the place BETTER than you found it ) and this is something you will get the hang of real fast since you want to remove one large clump versus “digging” dirt out and trying to refill the hole later.

After I tested the detector enough in my backyard I decided to take my son to a local park and test our hand at that. The best spots to go are under the monkey bars ( where kids and their pockets hang upside down ) at the playground areas as well as along the sidelines where they play soccer, football ( where the crowd sits ) and this is where I scored more quarters that I thought was even possible.

Now getting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters will not pay for my metal detector at least not anytime soon SO off to the lake I went to see what I can find there. Packed the family up and off we went to the spot where everyone goes and swims ( fishing / boating off limits area ). Besides finding a million and one bottle caps and beer tabs ( felt great to help clean up the area I might add ), I did end up finding a ring that my wife LOVES.

Wait! You Found A Ring???

Yes my friends, I found myself a Claddagh ring. At first I actually didn’t even know what it was until I researched it more. According to the wonderful wiki it means, ”┬áThe Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring given which represents love, loyalty, and friendship.” and I really liked the meaning behind it as well as what it stood for. My wife loved how it looked SO my first ring was on her finger pretty darn quick lol.

Here are a couple shots of the ring itself for your inquiring minds out there





Now this ring didn’t pay for my detector either BUT it does show me that there are plenty of great treasures to be found especially anywhere that regular people frequent often like parks, schools, beaches, lakes and even my very own backyard (-; and I know there will be many more rings and treasures that I will locate the more I go out prospecting.

Besides Finding Coins and Jewelry In The Ground, What Else Can A Detector Help With?

I think that having a detector especially in a SHTF situation will become useful in locating potential hazards as well as buried caches whether it be your own or otherwise. You can also use it to scan people coming into your bug out location for possible weapons, bugs or other metal items that you do not want in especially if it is being hidden or not brought up for the person.

In the day to day, they come in handy when you are trying to locate water, sewer, gas or other pipes in ground so you don’t “spring a leak” so to speak when you go digging up the dirt for your new pool or to bury a cache of your own.

Other than that, they are great to get you, your friends, family as well as people you don’t even know ( trust me everyone comes and asks you what you found and it is a great ice breaker ) out talking, walking and enjoying the outdoors especially since we always find ourselves sitting inside like hermits and doing all of our socializing online these days, which btw is something that I think we all need to break out of.

So get out there and DETECT!

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    Metal detecting really is a ton of family fun and a great way for you to hang out with friends and family and possibly find something like a ring,gold or really old coins.

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