Pasta Alfredo with Chicken Taste Test and Review from Wise Foods

Tonight our little family of 4 was sitting around and wondering the ever important question which seems to happen on a daily basis and that question was, ” so what’s for dinner?”. I was looking through the fridge and cupboards and finding a few options but then I looked over and saw my bucket of wise foods.


We have done a few taste tests when it comes to long term food storage before but it has been a couple months so why not eat some great food AND get a taste test review knocked out all at the same time. The best part about reviewing meals is how honest our kids are when it comes to the tastes, consistency and edibility of the food we put on their plate.pasta-alfredo-with-chicken-review-wise

I laid out a good assortment of wise food meal packets and let them choose one. We have a 10 year old and a recently turned 4 year old so it is great to see them actually agree on one meal lol. They picked the Pasta Alfredo with Chicken and off I went to get it made for them.


If you haven’t ever made a long term food storage style of meal, you really are missing out because it is SUPER EASY, FAST and Healthy. All you need to do is bring a couple cups of water to a boil and mix it with the meal mix and let it sit for 10-15 minutes ( stir occasionally ). Now with wise I have noticed they have two styles of meals available. One is the camping style where you pour the water into the package, seal it up and let it sit. The second is where you bring water to a boil in a pot and then add the meal mix to the pot and let it sit.


As far as clean up goes, I prefer the versions where you cook it in the bag because that will leave zero clean up when it comes to having to wash anything. With the camping version, you pour the meals into your bowls, cups or whatever you are eating out of and then toss the mylar package in the trash or pack it out ( if you are camping ).



Here are a couple close up shots of the Pasta Alfredo with Chicken meal that I made for my kids. As far as their review goes, both of their bowls ended up empty and their stomachs full. The blue bowl was for our 10 year old and the green was for our 4 year old. It is definitely FILLING and best of all it is free of GMO or other junk that is very common when shopping for food at the big box style shops.



Now to the opinions of my kids…

My son ( age 10 ) ate his meal extremely fast and really enjoyed the taste of the Pasta Alfredo w/chicken alot. We are wanting to keep track of their favorites so we are able to stock up on the ones they really enjoy. This meal is going to be added to that list for sure.

My daughter ( age 4 ) who tends to be a bit more picky took awhile to eat ( pretty normal for her even with her dessert ) her meal but loved it. She likes her meals more bland versus having various spices, salt, pepper etc in it SO these wise meals are perfect.


The wife and I took a couple bites from their bowls and we both enjoyed this meal and its flavor but added salt and pepper to give it a bit more of a kick. For those of you who are used to store bought meals, need to understand that these long term food storage meals are made with a basic flavor which allows each person the ability to add spices to suite their specific taste.

In the end, this meal is a win / win for the entire family and we suggest that if you are going to order a package from wise foods, add this one to your shopping cart.

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  1. shelfsufficient / Post Author

    I really like how easy these meals are to make for the family. If you have kids or are just looking for a fast meal with little prep and next to no clean up then grab some meals from wise or one of the other long term food storage companies which are featured on the left side of our site here.

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